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The expression "get it in writing" - which means that a promise is more valuable when it is than when it is merely spoken - can be directly applied to warranties, becuase a spoken warrenty is not necessarily enforcable. T
A warranty can be a legal contract, but a guarentee is never considered a legal contract. F
Rebate cards allow cardholders to donate up to 5 percent of their purcahses to a deisgnated charity. F
Most warranties are only effective for a limited period of time. T
An unsecure loan is only given to borrowers with excellent credit. T
Nigel and Marika bought a new, proffesional-quality range and oven costing more than $10,000.They plan to make monthly payments for 24 months.On what type of credit plan will the couple most likely pay for their purchase? installment account
All U.S. consumers have the right to check their credit history in order to to make certain that it does not contain errors that might prevent them from obtaining credit.Under what law is this right provided? Fair Credit Reporting Act
implied warrenty
In the U.S., owners of dogs, sheep, and pigs can be assured that the animals' feed is pure and wholesome becuase the purity of the feed is protected under what type of Congress? Food, Drug and Cosmic Act
When a buyer feels that a product's extended features are incomplete or broken, what is the first step the buyer should take to resolve the problem? contact the retailer who sold the product and/or manufacturer
Another name for a retail credit card - such as one offered by sears or Cheveron Oil Company - is a(n)____________ credit card. proprietary
_______ are the initials of the federal agency that regulates the advertising of cosmetics and medical supplies. FDA
Danny needs to buy a new car.If he the car he buys is out of service for more than 29 days during the first year he owns it, Danny will be entitled to a refund or replacement car under the conditions of the state's ____________ law. lemon
When a customer makes a purchase in a retail store using a bank credit card , the ____________ pays the bank'sservice fee. retailer store owner
The __________ Credit Oppertunity Act prohibits discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, or martial status. equal
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