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Catch phrase that presents an advertising message. Slogan
An entire collection of advertisemants that work together. Ad Campaign
A rough draft. Ad Layout
A business's identifacation symbol; a logo. Signature
Repeated initial consonant sounds. Alliteration
Phrase that attracts readers' attention. Headline
The grammatical structure in which the subject performs the action descrbed by the verb. Active Voice
A true statment that seems to be a contradiction of ideas. Paradox
A true statment that seems to be a contradiction of ideas. Typeface
Selling message of a written advertisement. Copy
A virtual advertising agency provides Web site development but dose not provide advertising copywriting. False
The purpose of a headline is to draw potential customers into reading the ad's copy. True
A print advertisement for Enterprise Rent-a-Car carries the headline"To get your business, I'll come get u"The headline is an example of the use of alliteration. False
According to many advertising and sales experts,copy is the most important part of a print ad. False
In business a well designed signature gets insant recognition. True
When used in headlines,what words attract the most readers'attention? Now,Free,New
What is the purpose of an illustration in an ad? encourage the customer to make a purchase
In an advertising agency,some people study demographic data in order to determine the type of message that will appeal to a particular market segment. In what department do such agency employees usually work? research service
In ads, what are lines of force? illustration sight lines lead the reader to the copy
inserting color in an advertisement contributes to the ad's effectiveness but also increases the ad's________ cost
In an advertising agency, the employees who work with individual businesses to identify needs and to create ad plans are part of ______ services. client
An advertising agency that performs research, selects media, and develops copy and art for a business is called a(n)________agency. full-service
According to the textbook, a headline should contain no more than __________ words. seven
In an advertisement containing all four possible parts of a print ad, the first thing the reader usually sees is the ___________. illustration
Stock drawings and photographs that can be pasted into an advertisement are known as _________ art. clip
An advertiser who is designing print ads for a target audience over 65 years old must pay careful attention to the size of the _________ in the ad. type
An advertising _________ shows exactly how an ad will appear when printed. proof
An advertisement for Armstrong flooring includes the following phrase in its headline: "The Height of Fashion Right At Your Feet." The headline is an example of the use of _________. opposites
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