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Coley User Friendly

User Friendly review

console a computer's keyboard and monitor
tutorial program program that provides instructions for performing specific tasks on a computer
absently in a distracted, inattentive way
components parts
CPU part of the computer that controls what happens inside
databanks information organized so that particular pieces of it can be found more easily
diskette plastic disk used to store information
floppy drive part of the computer that reads information stored on a diskette
mainframe large central computer that shares information with smaller computers connected to it
modifications slight changes
screen part of the computer where images and information are displayed; looks like a television screen
Silicon Valley area in central California that is a center of the computer industry
voice module unit that, when connected to a computer, enables it too produce speech
ace out have your chance at something ruined
got up the nerve gathered strength or courage
knock it off stop, quit doing something
lose one's marbles go crazy
Where does the story take place? Santa Rosario, California
Kevin's father works as a computer designer
How does Ginny Linke react to Kevin? she makes fun of him
What is one effect of Louis's acts of revenge? Chuck Linke is arrested
What is the effect of patching Louis to a new modem? Louis can access and learn from computers all over the globe
After Kevin's father returns home and works on the computer,he is puzzled by Louis's final message
How did Kevin's father change Louis? He erased the entire program and set up Louis as a normal computer
What caused Louis to act as he did? His affection for Kevin
The story describes a computer named Louis that develops human feelings
The printout that Kevin's father shows him at the end of the story probably expresses Louis's: affection for Kevin
The computer's character is revealed to Kevin by its messages and actions
How does the title reinforce the story's theme? It shows that computers can never be human
great weight taken off one's shoulders got relief
miss the boat miss an opportunity
losing one's mind going crazy
pull the plug let die
out in the cold left out
Created by: jamielcoley