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those who Congress had freed from direct rate regulation exempt carriers
a ton of freight moved one mile commodities
between areas such as Arizone and Florida interstate
the minimum number of pounds needed to fill a boxcar carload
those who provide transportation services common carriers
shipping loaded truck trailers on ships or barges fishyback service
amount of goods stored for future sales inventory
involves transporting,storing,and handling goods logistics
between two locations in one city intracity
combining two or more transportation services intermodel
The Atlantic Ocean,the Indian Ocean,Nile River,and Rio Grnde are all ________ waterways. international
A private carrier that is most frequently used transport oil and natural gas is a(n) _________. pipeline
The fastest,most expensive form of transportation is ___________. air
The U.S Postal Service will ship packages weighing between 1 and 70 pounds by mean of _________________ post. parcel
The marketing function of moving goods from a seller to a buyer is called _______. transportation
Shipping from Omaha,Nebraska,to Kansas City,Missouri by means of the Missouri River is called ______ shipping. internal
Companies that own and operate their own transportation equipment are depending on a(n) ________ carrier to tranport their goods. private
Distribution that involves moving goods from Dallas,Texas to Houston,Texas,is called _____ shipping. intrastate
Busy Bee Honey Suppliers has 25,000 jars of honey stored in its warehouse waiting to be sold.In mareketing terms,the jars of honey are known as ___________. inventory
What type of transportation is convenient and helps reduce both packaging and inventory costs trucking
What is the transportation system with the best safety record pipeline
The main focus in a distribution center is sorting of moving products
What is the least expensive means of product transportation water
What type of transportation amounts for the smallest percentage of total ton-miles of freight shipped air
In business,the cost of phsysical distribution is surpassed only by the cost of labor False
Intermodel transportation combines two or more transportation models to maximize the advantage of each. True
The Federal Aviation regulates air freight charges. False
A contract carrier does not have to publish its freight rates,because it negotiates fees with each customer True
Shipping between Seattle,Washington,and Los Angeles,California is called intercoastal shipping. True
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