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13 _Matheson_ Cano

13 _Matheson _Cano

active process,all attention is on the speaker listening
able to defend one's beliefs,rights,and ideas assertive
understanding of a person's situation,frame of mind empathy
basic values and moral principles ethics
working with parties to find resolution to a conflict courtesy
effort mad by a group working toward the common good interpersonal skills
decision reached by a group after discussion teamwork
desire and ability to start a task or project initiative
regular exercise,balanced diet,enough sleep stress relief
a person's idea of his or her own worth self-esteem
a(n)_____ is a specific commitment that a team member makes with the entire team. Similar to a contract,it is a promise to complete a task within a certain time. Agreement
Being accountable for one's actions, working without much supervision,and always doing one's job are examples of the personal trait called________. responsibility
Mark and Brian are data processors.Both men are reliable about their work. Brian however,easly accepts new assignments and Mark sees such changes as crises. Brian is the more valuable emplyee because he is more______ then Mark. flexible
When you listen to a customer's complaint,you hould be empathetic,but your actions in response to the complaint must depend on your company's________. polocy procedure
sabrina is friendly to the bank's clients, listens carefully to the reasons for each client's loan request. These illustrations indicate that sabrina is highly skilled at fostering clients'________ self-esteem
In companies that are organized into teams of employees the team member are often "cross trained" to be able to preform a variety of tasks. not only does cross training give each member several skills,but it also gives the team___ can adapt new challenges flexibility
All of the interpersonal skills that are essential to a marketing career deal with the relationship between marketing employees and their_____ customers client
Time ___________is an essential personal skill that involes learning to budget the hours in your day in order to mett your responsibilities management
Mary Ellen works for a film production company. she is well-known for her excellent ideas and for her ability to defend her ideas confidently and authoritatively. Mary Ellen's readiness to stand up for herself can be described as____________behavior. assertive
Employment laws forbid discrimination due to gender,age,religion or national orgin. This expectation falls under what heading. equity
When team memebers meet together to give feedback on individual performance,what are they participating in. leadership
As an employee,knowing all parts of the job is considered. cross training
Jorge's colleagues value his ability to come up with new ways of doing things and to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems. What personality is that..?? creativity
What interpersonal sill is specifically needed for sucess in dealing with customers.? maintain self-control
The number one rule when speaking to clients or customers is to show respect. True
Companies can help prevent conflict by creating a healthy atmosphere in which everyone is accepted despite differences in beliefs, values and backgrounds. True
According to the textbook, most of your success in the marketing world will be determined by your goal-setting ability. False
Before a team can begin to act together, its members must first assign roles for each member. False
Telling the truth, maintaining confidentiality, and not spreading rumors are parts of honest behavior. True
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