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printed posters on subways,buses,and trains transit advertising
provides information about advertising charges for the media Standard Rate and Data Service
a special newspaper containing no editiorial content shopper
fee paid to a newpaper for quarenteed advertising space during a specific period contract rate
useful items imprinted with an advertiser's name speciality media
advertising designed to increase sales promotional advertising
opportunity to present a compelling message to a target market media plan
publication targeted for people with an interest in a particular field trade magazine
an advertising form that is banned in some states billboards
an advertisment that extends to the edge of the page bleed
a(n) ________ ad is an advertisment that appears in a wide, shallow rectangle at the top or bottom of the web sites banner
a newspaper advertisement thgat includes art or photos, copy, and a buisness or product's logo is call a(n)__________ advertisement display
advertising that presents information about a buisness's contributions tyo the community rather than about the buisness's products called __________ advertising institutional
radio and television are both included in the catagory know as ________ media, but newpapers are not broadcast
magazines thart are read for personal pleasure or interest suck as Road and Track, People, and YM fit in the category of _______ magazines consumer
the rate that a magazine charges for its advertising space is based on the magazine's _________ circulation
amelia wants to run an ad in her local newspaper to advertise her pet clinic. the paper's rat is $14 per column inch. amelia's ad is measured 6 inches by 5 inches amelia's will cost ________ $420
full-page color ad for 31,748.included in the contract was the term 2/10 net 30.the magazine invoice was dated on 2/1/00; the bill was paid on 2/12/00.the manufacturer paid ________ for the advertisment $31,748
The Sun has a circulation of 300,000 and an ad cost $395.The Express has a circulation of 250,000 and an ad cost $325. if Rafaelo's bases his decision entirely on which paper has the lowest cost per 1000, he will choose _______ The express
What is one characteristic of advertising it always identifies the name of the buisness or individual that paid for it
buisnesses that advertise in newspaper can target their ads to people with particular interest or to those living in a particular region.why can buisnesses do this targeting newspaper circulation is documented and verifable
according to the text, what is one of the most important considersation in direct mail advertising the accuracy of the mailing list
in which type of print medium is an advertisment's life the shortest newspaper
which printed media is found in 98% of american homes directory
advertising demonstrates the features and benefits of a product or service true
within a specific geographic area newspaper appeal to a greater number of people than magazines do true
a return of 10% for printed direct mail is usally considered excellent true
according to the text less than half of adults in the U.S. read the newspaper everyday false
a buisness can receive a free listing of its name,adress,and phone number and the white pages of a telephone directory. true
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