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Record Keeping Ch 1

Tolland Record keeping Ch 1

position job
record a form on which info is recorded
enter to record info on a form or into a computer
manually by hand
electronically by computer
merchandise goods that a business sells
computer printout a document prepared by a computer
record keeping jobs jobs where handling records is most of the work
data information
data entry clerks workers who enter data using a computer
money column a column on a form used for recording amounts of money
footing total of money column written in small, neat figures
double ruling double line drawn under a total
MICR magnetic ink character recognition
OCR optical character recognition
optical mark recognition allows pencil marks to be read by special machines
UPC bar code read by special cash registers
data processing doing things to data to make them more useful
input first step of the data processing cycle
source documents forms from which you get data
processing second step of the data processing cycle
output third step of the data processing cyle
verify to check for accuracy
transposition error switching order of numbers or letters
input devices used to enter data into a computer
central processing unit part of a computer that processes data
computer program set of instruction
printer an output device
output device used to get data out of a computer
computer system input devices, central processing unit, an output devices
sort file data in some order
chronologically by date
alphabetically by the alphabet
guides tabs to help find records
tickler file chronological file used to remind workers of important dates
record clerks workers specially trained to store and retrieve documents
documents business papers
store file
retrieve find
surname last name
indexing putting in filing order
magnetic media what a computer stores data on
key enter data using a keyboard
menu a list of choices on a computer screen
update replace old data with new data
cursor flashing marker on the display screen
characters numbers and lettters
vendor seller
computer software a set of programs that perform related tasks
spreadsheet software a program that takes the place of paper pad and calculator
cell on a spreadsheet, where a row and column meet
run to activate a program on a computer system
formula math steps performed by a spreadsheet program
template a spreadsheet that contains the headings, labels, and formulas that will not change
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