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2nd 9 wks benchmark

Organelle responsible for converting sunlight into energyy Chloroplast
Plants do photosynthesis to produce Food
Which organelle is responsible for completing cellular respiration Mitochondria
Cytosine pairs with Guanine
Adenine pairs with Thymine
DNA carried The genetic code
Carries the code for a trait Gene
Different forms of a gene Allele
the process by which living organisms use oxygen to help break down food molecules to release energy Cellular Respiration
respiration witout oxygen Anaerobic Respiration
Taking a gene out of one organism and putting it into another organism Genetic Engineering
Lower case letter represents Recessive Trait
Preserved remains of an organism that lived in the past Fossils
Differences among members of the same species Variations
"mistakes" or changes in DNA Mutations
Raw Materials for Photosynthesis Water and Carbon Dioxide
Products for Photosynthesis Glucose and Oxygen
Raw Material for Respiration Glucose and Oxygen
Products for Respiration Water, Carbon Dioxide, and Energy
Who are the scientist that discovered DNA Watson, Crick, and Franklin
Stage in the cell cycle where DNA is replicated Interphase
creating an identical organism Cloning
phase in cell division where chromosomes line up in the middle Metaphase
Phase of the cell cycle where the chromosomes are pulled apart Anaphase
describes an organisms genetic makeup genotype
describes an organisms physical appearance phenotype
identical alleles homozygous
different alleles heterozygous
the process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation selective breeding
The scientist associated with the theory of evolution charles darwin
Where did darwin travel on his voyage Galapagos Islands
describes a speices where no organisms are still alive extinct
what leads to species evolving mutations, adaptations, natural selection and variations
The process by which organisms that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce Natural Selection
"survival of the fittest" means the same thing as natural selection
what is evidence for evolution fossil record, homologous structures, DNA, and development before birth
How do new species form Geographic isolation
What is diffusion The movement of molecules from high to low concentration
What is a tissue? A group of similar cells working together for a particular function
Where is DNA located? nucleus
meiosis produces sex cells with how many chromosomes compared to other cells? half
what causes variations within a species? mutations
What is an adaptation? a trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce
What are homologous structures similar structures related species have inherited from a common ancestor
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