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Hattie Big Sky 2


adept Very skilled
amble a slow easy walk or gentle pace
bayonet a dagger like steel weapon that is attached to the muzzle of a gun
burgeoning to grow or develop quickly
comeuppance deserved reward of just deserves usually unpleasant
commiserate to feel or express sympathy for
cross angry and annoyed; ill humored, snappish
doughboy an american infantry man
dour sullen, gloomy
gumption courage, spunk; guts; common sense; shrewdness
haphazard characterized by lack of order or planning by irregularity; or randomness
homestead a dwelling with its land and buildings; occupied by the homeowner as a home and exempted by homesteaded law from seizure of sale for debt
magpie an incessantly talkative person, a noisy chatterer
persnickety overparticular
urchin a mischievous boy
Created by: 2000greg