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MrsC Med Term Review

MrsC Med Term Review Final

aerophagia swallowing air
anterior lobe front lobe of the pituitary which secretes hormones
aortostenosis narrowing of the aorta
Aphasia Inability to speak
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
arthrodynia joint pain
bicuspid valve valve with 2 flaps between the atrium and ventricle
blepharectomy excision of a part or all of the eyelid
Blepharospasm involuntary contraction or twitching of the eyelid
Cardiologist treats heart disease
cerebrovascular accident stroke
cervical pertaining to the neck
Cervix neck of the uterus
Cholelithiasis gallstone
chondroma cartilage
Colpocervical vagina and cervix
Colpodynia pain in the vagina
Cystectomy excision of the bladder
Cystoscope instrument used for a cystoscopy
dacryadenalgia pain in a tear gland
Dermatitis inflammation of the skin
Dermatologist physician who treats skin disorders
Dermatome instrument used to cut the skin
diastole relaxation phase of the heart
Diplopia double vision
dyspnea Difficulty or labored breathing
Dysuria Painful urination
Encephalopathy disease of the brain
ENT abbreviation for ears, nose, and throat
enterectomy excision or removal of the small intestine
eupnea normal breathing
function of the thyroid gland secretes thyroxine
Gastroplasty surgical repair of the stomach
gonadotropins secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland to stimulate testes and ovaries
Gravida pregnancy
hepatectomy surgical removal of the liver
hepatoma tumor of the liver
hypercalcemia excessive amount of calcium in the blood
insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas
interventricular between the ventricles
Keratorrhexis Rupture of the cornea
laryngostenosis narrowing or stricture of the voice box
Lithotripsy crushing of a stone
lobotomy incision into a lobe of the lung
Lumbodynia pain in the back
Melanoma malignant black tumor of the skin
Menopause menstruation ceases permanently as a result of the aging process
myorrhaphy Suture of a muscle
Myotomy incision into a muscle
Nocturia voiding urine at night
Oliguria scanty urinary output
ophthalmodynia ophthalmalgia pain in the eye
Ophthalmologist physician who specializes in treatment of eye disorders
orchidopexy surgical fixation of testes
Orchidorrhaphy suture of a testicle
orthopnea difficulty breathing when not in a sitting or standing position
otalgia pain in the ear
otoplasty Plastic surgery of the ear
otoscopy visual exam of the Eustachian tube
pancreatolithiasis pancreatic stone
Para live birth
parathyroid hormone regulates calcium in the blood and bones
pericardium membranous sack around the heart
phleborrhaphy suturing a vein
pneumocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the lung
Polyuria increased urinary production
Postnatal happening after birth
proctoscopy visual examination of the rectum and anus
Prostatomegaly Enlargement of the prostate gland
proximal near the point of attachment to the trunk
Pyosalpinx pus in the fallopian tube
Quadriplegia paralysis of all extremities
rectostenosis stricture or narrowing of the rectum
Salpingitis inflammation of fallopian tubes
Salpingocele hernia of the fallopian tube
Scleroderma hardened dermis layer of the skin
Sialorrhea excessive flow of saliva
sigmoidoscopy visual examination of the sigmoid colon
Spondylitis inflammation of the vertebrae
Testosterone is produced by interstitial cells of the testes
thyrotomy Incision of the thyroid gland
Ureterodynia pain in the ureter
Urethrodynia urethralgia pain in the urethra
Urotoxin a poison in the urine
UTI urinary tract infection
Vasectomy surgical procedure that sterilizes the male and prevents the release of sperm
Xanthoderma condition of yellow skin
Created by: cudawn
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