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L.A. Hattie Big Sky

A book being read in Mrs. Maves class

Who is Hattie? Hattie is a 16 year old who was living with her Aunt Ivy til she got a letter that changed her life and made her a different girl.She soon learns sometimes it is good to try something new for you might make new friends.
Who are Perilee, Chase, Mattie, and Fern? Perilee is Hattie's new neighbor when she moves to her Uncle Chester's claim. Perilee is a mother of 3 and expecting one more. Her children are Chase, Mattie, and Fern.
Who is Karl? Karl is married to Perilee. He is a German. Karl loves Perilee and her children.
Who is Rooster Jim? Rooster Jim is another one of Hattie's neighbors and he played chess with Chester once a week.
Who is Charlie? Charlie is a friend from Hattie's school. He enlisted in the army.
Adept very skilled
Amble a slow walk or gentle pace.
Bayonet a dagger like steel weapon that is attached to the muzzle of a gun.
Burgeoning to grow or develope quickly
Comeuppance deserved reward or just deserves usually unpleasant.
Commiserate to feel or express sympathy for.
Cross angry and annoyed, ill-humored, snappish.
Doughboy an american infantry man
Dour sullen,gloomy
Gumption courage, spunk; guts;common sense; shrewdness
Haphazard lack of order or randomness
homestead Place occupied by homesteaders
husbandry cultivation of edible crop
magpie extremely talkative person
persnickety over particular
Created by: 19adelmk
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