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Ch 53 implants

dental implants

surrounding the mouth circumoral
implant surgically embedded into the bone endosteal
artificial teeth attached to achors that have been surgically embedded into the bone or surrounding structures implant
attachment of healthy bone to a dental implant. Peri implant tissue gingival sulcus surrounding implant osseointegration
clear acrylic template placed over teh alveolar ridge to assist in locating the proper placement for dental implants stent
type of implant with a metal frame that is placed under the periosteum but on top of the bone subperiosteal
type of metal used for implants titanium
implant inserted throught theinferior border of the mandible transosteal
what is used to attach artificial teeth to anchors tha thave been surgically embedded into the bone dental implants
which specialists are most likely to assist with the implant oral and maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist, and implantologist
indication for implant to replace one or more teeth as single units without affective adjoining teeth
contraindication for implant bruxism
what are the 3 types of implants endosteal, subperiosteal, transosteal
which radiographs are taken to evaluate the height, width, and quality of bone panoramic, cephalometric, and tomographic
what is required before treatment begins written informed consent
____________ is the process by which the living jawbone naturally grows around teh implanted dental supports osseointegration
the osseointegration period lasts from 3 to 6 months
which type of implant is indicated for patients who do not have sufficient alveolar ridge remainng to support the traditional type of implant subperiosteal implant
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