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ME nerves

the brainstem of the central nervous system consists of which structures Medulla, Pons and Midbrain
The central nervous system consists of which 2 structures? Brain and spinal cord
what is a correct statement concerning neurotransmitters within the nervous system discharged with the arrival of the action potential
to what division of the nervous system does a nerve cell belong if it leads from the eye to the brain carrying visual information afferent nervous system
an efferent nerve with the nervous system is known to carry information Away from the brain (or spinal cord) to the periphery of the body
what does the posterior superior alveolar nerve and its branches supply? Maxillary Posterior teeth
which foramina does the facial nerve pass through the skull? Stylomastoid foramen
Which cranial nerve is involved in Bell's Palsy facial nerve
Which of the following nerve and muscle pairs is correctly matched? Hypoglossal nerve, intrinsic tongue muscle
Which of the following nerve and innervation pairs is correctly matched? Chorda tympani and sublingual salivary gland
what cranial nerve has fibers that provide crossover-innervation to the contralateral side in the skull before continuing into the brain trochlear nerve
what cranial nerve carries taste sensation for the base of the tongue? Glossopharyngeal nerve
what regions of the head and neck is the trigeminal ganglion located? Anterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone
Sensory information is supplied for the soft palate by the? lesser palatine nerve
The posterior belly of the diagastric muscle is innervated by branches from which nerves? facial
which of the following nerves within the head and neck may show crossover-innervation from the contralateral side in a patient anterior superior alveolar nerve
Which of the following nerves is a portion of the opthalmic nerve? nasocilliary nerve
what anatomical name is also used for cranial nerve X? vagus
Which of the following nerves is located in the mandibular canal? inferior alveolar nerve
Which of the following nerves exits the foramen ovale of the sphenoid bone? motor root of the trigeminal nerve
which cranial nerve and its motor function is involved when a patient protrudes the tongue and a deviation to the ride side is noted. hypoglossal (XII)
Which nerve exits the skull through the foramen ovale? mandibular nerve
Which of the following nerves serves the pulpal tissues of the mandibular molars? inferior alveolar nerve
Which of the following is the loss of feeling or sensation resulting from the use of certain drugs or gases that serve as inhibitory neurotransmitters? anesthesia
Which nerve may in some cases also serve as an afferent nerve for the mandibular first molar, which needs to be considered when there is failure of the inferior alveolar local anesthetic block? mylohyoid nerve
What is afferent fibers? impulses travel toward brain (sensory)
what is efferent fibers? impulses travel from the brain (motor)
What is bell's palsy? paralyzation of the muscles of mastication
what are signs/symptoms of bell's palsy? corners of eye and mouth drooping, deadpan expression, food stagnating in vestibule
what is trigeminal nueuralgia? short term pain when facial trigger zones are touched, or when chewing/speaking sets up muscle spasms in the area
what nerves are involved in trigeminal nueuralgia? afferent nerves of trigeminal nerve
Created by: mnerion