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ME Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

oral surgeons need how many additional years of schooling 4-6
what instrument is used to reflect and retract the periosteum from the surface of the bone, and to detach gingiva from around cervix periosteal elevator
what instrument is used to apply leverage against a tooth to loosen it from periodontal ligaments to ease extraction straight or extraction elevator
what is used to remove root tips and fragments broken off during an extraction root tip pick
what is used to grasp and remove teeth from alvelus extraction forceps
what kind of extraction forceps are there universal (for both sides of same arch, specific group of teeth) and area specific (specific group of teeth on one side)
what is used to scrape the interior of the socket to remove diseased tissue or abscesses surgical curette
what is used to trim alveolar bone to eliminate sharp projections of bone and shape te edentulous ridge rongeur
what is used to smooth surface of bone/smooth rough margines after using the rongeur bone file
what is used to make precise incisions into gingiva scalpel
what is used to grasp soft tissue, bone, tooth fragments hemostat
what is used to grasp suture needle needle holder - has a groove either length or cross wise on beak
what is used to trim soft tissue surgical scissors
what is used to cut suture material suture scissors - have dip in blade
what allows a patient to rest and relax jaw muscles mouth props (bite blocks)
what is used to remove bone to help remove tooth or reshape bone single-bevel chisel
what is used to split teeth bi-bevel chisel
extractions described as routine or simple, completed without extensive instrumentation is called forceps extraction
when a patient is getting partial/full denture or implants they get ... multiple extractions
an extraction that requires additional skill, knowledge, and instrumentation is called complex extraction
contouring and smoothing the bone after an extraction using a rongeur and bone file is called alveoplasty
malignant = cancerous benign = noncancerous
when a surgeon cuts a wedge of tissue from a lesion, with some normal tissue for comparison it is a incisional biopsy
removing the entire lesion and adjacent normal tissue is a excisional biopsy
a nonsurgical technique, using a flat-ended brush to collect surface cells from suspect lesions is a exfoliative biopsy
sutures that dissolve and become absorbed by the body's enzymes are called absorbable sutures
nonabsorbable sutures are removed how many days after surgery 5-7
postsurgical complication - prolonged bleeding - treatment? if bleeding occurs longer than 45 minutes, pack a moist folded gauze over area for 20-30 minutes, if continues dentist may treat to help clotting
what can you use besides gauze moist tea bag, has tannic acid that helps with clotting
dry socket is also called alveolitis
alveolitis usually occurs... 2 - 4 days after extraction
What are the causes of alveolitis inadequate blood supply, trauma, infection, dislodgement of clot from socket
making the patient comfortable while a wound heals is called palliative therapy
treatment for alveolitis? irrigate with warm saline, pack with iodoform gauze (antiseptic) every day, antibiotics and pain meds may be needed. healing takes up to 2 weeks
another word for seperate reflect
fibrous covering of bone is called periosteum
another word for leverage luxate
the likely course of a disease is called prognosis
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