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Argylls PF Taxes

Argylls PF Tax Terms

total amount of taxes owed Tax Liability
Federal tax collected on a person's property at death Estate Tax
State tax collected on a person's property at death Inheritance tax
Tax on wages, salaries and earnings Income tax
IRS Internal Revenue Service
Tax-exempt income not subject to taxes Exclusion
Your gross income after reductions Adjusted Gross Income
Adjusted gross income minus deductions and exemptions Taxable income
An expense that you can subtract from your adjusted gross income Tax Deduction
Every taxpayer receives this type of deduction Standard
A specific expense you may take off of your AGI. Itemized deduction
A deduction for yourself, spouse and dependents Exemption
Tax form used to indicate allowances W-4
Filing a tax return with your spouse Joint return
Considered to be the simpilist tax form to complete Form 1040EZ
Your employer sends this tax form by Jan. 31st which shows wages earned and taxes withheld W-2 Form
IRA Individual Retirement Account
Interest and Dividends are shown on this tax form 1099
IRS examines your tax return Tax audit
Seven states do not have this type of tax State income tax
Date your tax return is due April 15th
Many self-employed indivduals pay these type of taxes Estimated
Income from stocks and mutual funds Dividend
OASDI Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance
Income from a Roth IRA is this Tax exempt
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