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PATH-Noneoplastc Dis


name 4 benign fibro-osseous lesions periapical cemento-osseus dysplasia focal cemento-osseus dysplasia florid cemento-osseuos dysplasia firbous dysplasia
periapical cemento-osseus dysplasia >mandibular anteriors, pts >30yrs >women (black women) early lesion-well circumscribed, radiolucent older lesion- radiolucent, central opacifications
focal cemento-osseous dysplasia isolated, well-delinated radiolucent, <1.5cm asymptomatic >women, 30-50yrs >whites posterior mandible
florid cemento-osseous dysplasia disordered cementum+bone dvlpmnt multiple quads. max+man >blk women 49+yrs irreg. opacification composed of dense, sclerotic bone, cementum
Dx and Tx of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia in edentulous pt sclerotic mass may perforate mucosa->osteomyelitis=surgery+antibiotics
fibrous dysplasia replacement of bone w/ abnormal fibrous CT w/ calcification histo.: vascularized, celluar fibrous CT w/ irreg. trabeculae bone
2 types of fibrous dysplasia monostotic fibrous dysplasia ploy fibrous dysplasia
monostotic fibrous dysplasia single one involvement max>man. kids+young adults asymptomatic, swelling/bulging of buccal plate
polystotic fibrous dysplasia more than 1 bone involvment kids w/ female predilection can exhibit bowing, assoc. w/ dull aching pain cafe au lait spots
name 3 types of polystotic fibrous dysplasia cranio fibrous dysplasia jaffe-lichtenstein albright syndrome
craniofacial fibrous dysplasia involves max. w/ extension into sinuses+adj. zygoma, sphenoid, occipital bone
jaffe lichtenstain involves multiple bones+ cafe au lait macules on skin
albright syndrome endocrine abnormalities, puberty in females,stunting/deformity of skeletal growth result of premature closing of epiphyseal plates cafe au lait spots
how polystotic fibrous dysplasia appears radiographically and clinically? asymptomatic "ground glass", diffused radiopacitiy unilateral enlargement
Dx and Tx of polystotic fibrous dysplasia cellular fibrous CT, irreg. shaped bony trabeculae tx-surgical recontouring of bone for cosmetic reasons
paget disease of bone (osteitis deformans) chronic metabolic bone disease resorption, osteoblastic repair, remineralization of involved bone men 50+yrs max>man
how does paget disease of bone appear clinically and radiographically? pain, enlargement common, spaces increase b/t teeth as bone enlarges patchy radiolucent+radiopaque "cotton wool" hypercementosis loss of lamina dura, obliteration of pdl
Dx and Tx of Paget Disease Bone serum alkaline phosphatase level elevated in active disease "mosaic bone" tx- experimentalm, disease slow progressive
central giant cell granuloma aka. central giant cell lesion well-vascularized CT containing multinucleated giant cells occurs w/in bone chronic calcium deficiency
osteomalacia chronic, calcium deficiency, vitamin D Rickets(kids) assoc. delayed tooth eruption+perio.dis.
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