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Periodontal Disease

Questions regarding the study of peridontal disease. From Modern Dental Assistin

Referring to the area BELOW the gingiva Subgingival
Referring to the area ABOVE the gingiva Supragingival
Inflammation of the gingival tissues Gingivitis
Another name for calculus Tartar
Soft mass of bacteria deposits that cover tooth surfaces Plaque
Inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth Periodontitis
Procedure which a dental endoscope is used subgingivally Perioscopy
It is associated with depression of the immune system. Studies have shown a link between this and periodontal attachment Stress
Bone that supports the tooth in its position within the jaw. The alveolar socket is the cavity in the bone that surrounds the tooth Alveolar bone
The space between the tooth and the free gingiva Sulcus
Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis NUG
When doing perio charting, what color would you chart a measurement of 4? Black
Calcium and phosphate salts in saliva that become mineralized and adhere to tooth surfaces Calculus
Individuals with severe periodontal disease have 3.6 times the risk for what Coronary heart disease
Almost 75% of American adults have some form of this and they are totally oblivious to it (stupid people!) Periodontal disease
Created by: mikechrisv