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quiz 5 ACT Vocab


abject adj: sunk to or exiting in a low state or condition of shooing utter resignation to; hopeless contemptible; mean; base; wretched; miserable
affront v: offend; insult an insult
aspersion n: statement of defamation; slanderous statement slur (to cast) ; defamation
bauble n: something that is bright and showy, may be expensive but usually of little use; a fool's scepter trinket; tinsel
burnish v: to polish or become polished by rubbing polish; buff
cite v: to quote by way of evidence, authority, proof; to bring to mind; to recall as proof or example quote; mention
contingency n: something liable to happen as a chance feature or an accompaniment or something else; something the is subject to chance; something that may possibly happen if conditions are right possibility; eventuality
charlatan n: one claiming knowledge or skill he does not have fake; quack
distraught adj: torn apart by doubt or mental conflict; deeply troubled confused; agitated; harried; crazed
deplore v: to feel or express deep sorrow over; to regard as very unfortunate or wrong; to regret strongly lament; regret
Created by: mr.miller



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