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Hebrew Quiz

Hebrew wordsEnglish words
Shalom peace/greeting
Shma hear
Mo shalom cha How are you?
Adoni Lord
Roffeh doctor
Rovveh rifle
Geetara guitar
Chatzotzra trumpet
Mattos airplane
P'santer piano
Ambatya bathtub
radyo radio
Massrek comb
Michtavim mail
Eeton newspaper
Gafroorim matches
Chammama greenhouse
Dvora bumble bee
Soolam ladder
Cheelazon wheelbarrow
Pattish hammer
M'chonit car
Machbesh tractor
Kadoor Bassis baseball
Hachlakka figure skating
Eegroof boxing
S'chiya swimming
He'avkoot wrestling
Kadoor sal basketball
Merotzey m'chonniyot car racing
Kadooreggel soccer
mayim water
Created by: gjones