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Early China

Global 9 China

Loess fine windblown yellow soil. As it settles to the river bottom it raises the water level, causing floods.
Oracle Bone on animal bones, priests wrote questions addressed to the gods. Priests heated bone until it cracked and they would provide answers based on pattern of cracks.
Calligraphy fine handwriting used by Chinese scholars.
Dynastic Cycle rise and fall of dynasties. new dynasty restores peace, claims mandate of heaven. Aging dynasty problems- loses mandate of heaven.
Feudalism A system of government in which local lords governed their own lands but owed military service and other forms of support to the ruler.
Yellow River Chinese heartland lay along the Yellow River. Provided water for irrigation and served as transportation routes.
Yin and Yang the universe reflected a delicate balance between yin and yang. Yin kinked to Earth, darkness and female forces, yang stood for Heaven, light and male forces. Forces need to be in harmony.
Mandate of Heaven Divine right to rule. The emperor was obligated to govern wisely and preserve order.
Confucianism Chinese rulers based their government on Confucian ideas. Confucius believed in teaching values and rules of conduct.
5 Relationships Harmony comes when people accept place in society. 5 key relations-father to son, elder brother to younger brother, husband to wife, ruler to subject, friend to friend. Only friends =. Men superior to women, old superior to young.
Filial Piety Confucius belief, respect for parents abouve all other duties, even loyalty to the state.
Analects Confucius never wrote down his ideas. After his death, students collects his sayings in The Analects.
Legalism Teachings created by Chinese philosopher, Hanfeizi, he believed the only way to achieve order is to pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishments.
Shi Huangdi First emperor-powerful ruler of Qin rose to unify all of China. Strong, government. He got rid of feudal states and divided China into 36 military districts. He standardized weights and measures and everyone had the same coins.
Daoism Chinese philosophy. Sought to live in harmony with nature. Founder- Laozi, wrote The Way of Virtue.Believed the best government was one that governed the least. Believed in yielding. Popular religion, believed in charms, magic.
Silk Road stretched for 4,000 miles linking China to the Fertile Crescent. Goods were relayed in stages from one set of traders to another.
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