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Ch 4 Virus/Bacteria

Ch 4 virus/bacteria

How do bacteria reproduce? Fission
What do bacteria form in order to live in really cold environments? Endospores
What are chemicals called that are made in the body and help destroy viruses and bacteria? Antibodies
What are chemicals called that you use to kill bacteria on living things? (germ x) Antiseptics
What are chemicals called that you clean non living things with to get rid of bacteria? (Clorox on tables) Disinfectants
What is it called when scientists develop new ways to use bacteria fit help people? Biotechnology
What is the common cold caused by? Virus
What cell part do bacterial cells not have? Nucleus
What bacteria contains chlorophyll, makes its own food and can produce oxygen? Blue green bacteria
What is it called when milk is heated to kill bacteria? Pasteurization
What is it called when water is removed from food? Dehydration
What is the medicine called that you are given full of a dead virus that prepares your body to fight it later? Vaccine
What is an example of a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria? Gonorrhea
What do viruses contain a protein coat around? Chromosome like part
What can both viruses and living things do? Reproduce
What is a common shape of bacteria? Round, Rod, Spiral
What traits do viruses share with living things? Ability to reproduce
What do you need to use to see viruses since they are so small? Electron Microscope
What are organisms that use dead materials for food? Saprophytes
What cell parts do viruses not have? They do not have any cell parts
What shapes are viruses? Round, rod, many sided
What can be reproduced only in living cells? Virus
What is an example of a disease the bacteria causes? Pneumonia
How are bacteria helpful? Adds flavor and texture to food, helps cows Digests food, makes insulin, produces antibiotics
How is AIDS spread? Sexual Contact, blood transfusions, dirty needles, an infected mother to her unborn child
What are some communicable diseases? Pneumonia and strep throat
What are the steps for proving that a disease is caused by a certain organism? Koch's Postulates
What is an example of a disease caused by a Virus? Polio
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