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what are the parts of the periodontium? cementum, periodontal ligaments, gingiva, alveolar bone
percentage of americans with periodontal dissease 75% and most are unaware
Cardiovascular disease is a systemic condition linked to perio disease because.., oral bacteria can spread into the blood stream, attach to fatty plaques in the coronary arteries, and cause clot formation and heart attacks
Preterm low birth weight can be caused by perio disease b/c... biochemicals such as PROSTAGLANDIN E2,are produced by perio disease which create hormones that causes early contractions
Respiratory disease ca be linked to peio disease b/c... 1.Bacteria in the mouth can cause someone to be more susceptible to pneumonia 2.Exsisting respiratory conditions can be aggrivated by inhaling bacteria from the mouth
Whats the primary etiological factor in causing perio disease? dental plaque
What are the local risk factors that modify the progression of perio disease? 1.calculus 2.Overhanging restorations 3.Subgingival placement of crown margins 4.Orthodontic appliances 5.Removable partial denture 6.Smoking 7.Maloocclusion 8.Bruxism 9.Mouth Breathing
What are systemic risk factors for perio disease? 1.Systemic Metabolic Disease-diabetes, aids 2.Osteoporosis-alveolar bone 3.Stress - depresses the immune system 4.Hormonal- pregnancy, puberty, period 5.Genetic - juvenile perio 6.Nutritional - vitamin c deficiency 7.Medications-xerostomia
Normal gingiva: 1.Color - pale pink, coral, melanin 2.Texture- firm, stippled 3.Shape- Sharp gingiva margins, pointed interdental papillas
whats gingivitis? inflammation of the epithelium and gingival connective tissue. its reversible with improved daily oral habits
Whats another name for gingivitis? pyorrhea
Gingivitis looks like: 1.Color- Erythema(red), Cyanotic(blue), pink if fibrotic 2.Texture-spongy(soft),fibrotic(firm),smooth 3.Shape-rounded gingival margins, marginal festooning(turtleneck sweater), bulbous, blunted papilla, cratered papilla 4.Periodontium-BOP or BOE
Whats periodontitis? extension of inflammation process from the gingiva into the connective tissues and bone causing loss in these, and the epithelial attachment to migrate apically. leads to mobility, furcation involvement, loss of teeth
Periodontitis looks like: 1.& 2. Same as ginivitis 3.Shape-Recession, clefting
How do you test for mobility? Use the back end of the mirror handle and another flat instrument and put the tooth b/w the two and push bac and forth
Mobility Scale: 0-normal 1-slight 2-moderate, greater then 1mm displacement 3-severe, move in all directions
Whats exudate? pus
Whats localized mean? less then 30% of sites in the mouth are affected
whats generalized mean? More then 30% of sites are affected
Whats Perioscopy? uses a miniature dental endoscope to look into deep subgingival pockets
What do rediographs do to study the periodontium? 1.detect calculus 2.detect overhanging restorations 3.detect boneloss
Whats the most accurate way to measure boneloss? periodontal probing
How do you differentiate b/w a periodontal true pocket and a pseudo gingival pocket? 1.Use a probe and meaasure from the gingival margin down to the epithelial attachment 2.Then measure from the gingival margin to the CEJ 3.Then subtract
Periodontal Pocket: The measurement was greater then .5mm. The epithelial attachment migrates apically
Pseudopocket: The measurement was less then .5mm. the epithelial attachment stays stationary
Whats occlusal adjustment/ occlusal equilibration? a procedure that adjusts the patients bite so that the occlusal forces ae equally distributed over all the teeth
what does occlusal trama do? 1.It does not cause periodontal pocket formation 2.But does cause mobility, destruction of bone, migration of teeth, and temporomandibular joint pain, and spasms during mastication
whats a sickle scaler for? remove large deposits of supragingival calculus
Whats a chisel scaler for? to remove supragingical calculus in the contact areas of anterior teeth (push stoke)
Whats a Hoe Scaler for? to remove heavy supragingival calculus on all surfaces (pull stroke)
whats a periodontal file used for? to crush or fracture extremely heavy calculus, and remove over hanging amalgam restorations
whats a curett used for? 1.to remove subgingival calculus 2.to smooth rough root surfaces (ROOT PLANING) 3.To remove diseases soft tissue in pockets (CURETTAGE)
What does a pocket marker do? Makes bleeding points to mark and area for incision on the gingiva
Antimicrobial agents and advantages/disadvantages: 1.Tetracycline-interferes w/ birth control effects, causes instrinsic staining to developing teeth 2.Penicillin-many periodontal pathogens are resistant to it 3.Fluoride-reduces bleeding by delating bacterial growth
More examples of antimicrobial agents: 4.Chlorohexidine-causes brown staining to teeth and tongue 5. Listerine-alcohol based
Locally delivered antibiotics: Fiber-containing tetracycline, inserted into the sulcus Syringe-insert a dissolvable material, gel Dissolvable chips which release chlorhexidine
Whats a gingivectomy? surgical removal of diseased gingival tissues
Whats a gingivoplasty? surgical resaping and contouring of gingival tissues
what are the advantages ofmodified widman flap surgery? 1.Better for esthetics(less root showing) 2.Less sensitivity
What does LASER stand for? Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
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