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Speech Commands

English to Chinese

请问我能...吗? Can I .....please?
请问我能去厕所吗? Can I go to the toilet please?
请问能让我看一下吗? Can I have a look please?
请问我能用这支铅笔吗? Can I use this pencil please?
请问你能...吗? Can you....please?
请问你能帮助我吗? Can you help me please?
请问你能打开这个吗? Can you open this please?
请问你能展示给我看吗? Can you show me please?
你能明白(理解)吗? Do you understand?
我不明白(理解)。 I don't understand.
请问你能再说一遍吗? Can you say it again please?
打扰一下,...(礼貌用语) Excuse me,....?
打扰一下,请问这是什么? Excuse me, what's this?
打扰一下,我渴了。 Excuse me, I'm thirsty.
打扰一下,我生病了。 Excuse me, I feel sick.
打扰一下,我做完了。 Excuse me, I've finished.
打扰一下,我丢失了我的帽子。 Excuse me, I've lost my hat.
...在哪里? Where is....?
...是谁? Who is....?
...是谁的? Whose is....?
...是什么时候? When is....?
...有多少? How many...?
你能...吗? Can you.....?
你能读吗? Can you read?
你能看到吗? Can you see?
你能跳过吗? Can you skip?
你能写你的名字吗? Can you write your name?
你能拼写...吗? Can you spell.....?
你能用这台电脑吗? Can you use a computer?
你能画好吗? Can you draw well?
你能烧饭吗? Can you cook?
Created by: nrjapanese



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