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test 2- oral/max.surgery, implants, anxiety, cancer, mental disorders

comminution act of breaking or condition of being broken into small fragments
ecchymosis a hemorrhagic spot larger than petechia
exodontics branch of dentistry dealing w/ surgical removal of teeth
osteosynthesis internal fixation of fracture by mechanical means i.e. metal plates, pins, screws
miniplate osteosynthesis a method of internal fixation of mandibular fractures utilizing miniaturzied metal plates and screws formerly made of titanium or stainless steel and currently made primarily of biodegradable or resorbable synthetic materials
alloplast an inert foreign body used for implantation w/in tissue
biocompatible capable of existing in harmony w/ surrounding biological environment
fibrous encapsulation layers of fibrous CT b/t implant and bone
guided tiss. regeneration procedure that attempts to regenerate lost periodontal structures i.d. barrier technique to exclude epithelium
furcation invasion pathologic resorption of bone w/in furcation, periodontal bony defect
osseus integration apparent direct attachment or connection of osseous tiss. to an inert, alloplastic material w/o intervening CT
peri-implantitis inflammation of tiss. around implant
titanium alloy contains 6% aluminium to increase strength and decrease weight, 4% vanadium to prevent corrosion
veneer layer of tooth colored material that's bonded or cemented to prepared a tooth surface
fear body's response to IMMEDIATE threat
anxiety body's response to threat that is NOT IMMEDIATE
phobia irrational, persistent, unreasonable fear/anxiety in relation to actual threat
quantity of life life expectancy in years
quality of life assesses what? physical function, disease and tx related physical symptoms, psychological function, social function
alopecia loss of hair
anaplasia alteration of adult cells to more primitive type (tumor cells)
benign not malignant
carcinoma malignant tumor of epithelial origin
dysgeusia distortion of sense or taste
dysplasia alteration in size, shape, organization of adult cells
hyperbaric oxygen pt. sealed in chamber, given pure O2, atmospheric pressure increased increase O2 to irradiated tissues can temporarily compensate for reduction in circulation
in situ confined to site of origin
malignant properties of anaplasia, invasiveness and metastasis (tumors)
metastasis regional or distant spread of cancer cells from primary site
neoplasm new and abnormal growth
pancytopenia abnormal depression of all cellular elements of blood
pleomorphism occurence of various distinct morphologic types by single organism or cell
sarcoma malignant tumor derived from CT
staging standardized description of tumor w/ regard to origin and spread, clinical classification based on physical assessment, biopsy, imaging, endoscopy
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