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WB 2A pelajaran 3

perasaan feelings
merasa to feel
aman safe
bingung confused
bosan bored
cemas worried / anxious
gelisah worried / restless
khawatir afraid / apprehensive
cerewet talkative
curiga (kepeda) suspicious (of)
gugup nervous
gembira happy (temporary)
heran surprised / amazed
jenkel annoyed
kecewa (dengan) dissappointed
kerasan to feel at home
lelah tired / exhausted
marah angry
mendirita to suffer
menyesal to be sorry / regret
ramah friendly
rindu (kepada) to miss
sedih sad
suka dan duka likes and dislikes
terkejut surprised
bersalah guilty
menyalahkan to blame
malu shy / embarassed
benci to dislike
lapar hungry
haus thirsty
janji promise / appointment
mejelaskan to explain
mengatakan to tell
mengerjakan to do (a job or exercise)
terus tenang frankly
tidak berarti (bahwah) it doesn't mean that
sesuatu something
seseorang somebody
antre to queue
memutuskan to decide
keputusan decision
berteriak to cry out / shout
memeluk to embrace
seluruh entire / all
korban victim
celaka unlucky / bad luck
kecelakaan accident
menemukan to find
meberitahukan to report
namun however
hal hal things
mengobrol to chat
perbatasan border
banjir flood
lebih dewasa more mature
memperbaiki to improve / repair
tergantung it depends
biaya hidup cost of living
pajak taxes
asrama dormitory
merencanakan to plan
nyaman comfortable / convenient
menanyakan to ask (about)
pribadi private
suasana atmosphere
ternyata evidently
jika if / when
ganti change
mengantikan replace
budaya customs / culture
ide idea
menyelesaikan to complete
kesempatan opportunity
alasan reason
Created by: Dave McD



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