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Quiz 5

Characteristics of Ownership (STOCK) Share in the residual profits of the company, claim to all its assets and cash flow once creditors,employees,suppliers and taxes are paid off and they have voting rights.
Liquidation is The process in which a company (or part of one) comes to an end.
Standard voting rights Typically, one vote per share provided to shareholders to vote in board elections and other key changes to the charter and bylaws.
Super voting rights provide the holders with multiple votes per share, increasing their influence and control over the company.
What is the maturity date on stocks? The is NO maturity date (infinite life)
Authorized Shares maximum number of shares that the company may sell, as per charter.
Issued shares the number of shares that has already been sold by the company and are either currently available for public trading or held by the company for future uses such as rewarding employees
Bull market prolonged rising stock market
bear market prolonged declining market
Created by: jwalde13