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NCCT Phlebotomy


The forearm vein is most commonly used for venipuncture Median Cubital
The smallest veins in the human body are Venules
The aorta branches into smaller divisions called arteries, which turn into even smaller divisions called Arterioles
Characteristics of capillaries include: a) having thin walls b) forming microscopic pathways c) connecting arterioles with venules d) all of the above D
Within the capillaries blood cell function includes: a) releasing oxygen b) binding carbon dioxide c) eliminating waste d) all of the above D
The heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vessels are in what organ system Cardiovascular
The study of blood Hematology
The liver, stomach, mouth and pancreas are in what organ system Digestive
The most important step to ensure accuracy in sample collection identifying the patient properly
The bladder, urethra, kidneys are ureters are in what system Urinary
The trachea, nose, lungs and pharynx are in what system Respiratory
The sebaceous glands, skin, hair and nails are in what system Integumentary
Neutrophiles, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes and monocytes are types of WBC
Common name for thrombocytes is Platelet
The liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood sample is Plasma
The instrument used to measure BP Sphygmomanometer
An artery can be distinguished from a vein because an artery: a) harder b) pulsates c) different color d) softer B
Lancets are used to collect blood samples by_____ Capillary or skin puncture
The abbreviation VAD means Venous Access Device
To determine the size of needle: the higher the gauge the ____ smaller the needle bore
Adult capillary puncture often involves use on what fingers: index, middle & ring, index & middle, pinkie index and middle
A centrifuge is used in clinical laboratory setting to____ Separate liquid from cells in blood
The oral glucose tolerance test is used for detection of what Diabetes
Use a ____topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for CBC Lavender
Use a _____ topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for electrolyte testing Red
Use a ____topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for cholesterol Red
Sodium citrate is an anticoagulant of choice for coagulation of blood for cholesterol testing because it protects what clotting factors
Sodium citrate is an anticoagulant of choice for coagulation of blood for cholesterol testing because it protects: a) clotting factor b) RBC c) WBC d) enzyme inhibitors A
When preparing a blood smear directly form a skin puncture, it is best to _____ wipe away the first drop
When preparing a blood smear directly form a skin puncture, it is best to: a) use plastic instead of glass slide b) make it as thick as possible c) wipe away first drop d) add sodium citrate to the blood C
According to CLSI what tube should be drawn 1 Blood culture
According to CLSI what tube should be drawn 2 Coagulation (blue)
According to CLSI what tube should be drawn 3 Serum tubes (red) with or without blot activator gel
According to CLSI what tube should be drawn 4 Heparin tube with or without separator (green)
According to CLSI what tube should be drawn 5 EDTA (lavender)
According to CLSI what tube should be drawn 6 Glycolytic inhibitor (grey)
In what order should the following tubes be drawn: Coagulation (blue)-Serum tubes (red) with or without blot activator gel- Blood culture-EDTA (lavender) Heparin tube with or without separator (green) -Glycolytic inhibitor (grey) Blood culture, Coagulation (blue), Serum tubes (red) with or without blot activator gel, Heparin tube with or without separator (green), EDTA (lavender), Glycolytic inhibitor (grey)
1st Phlebotomy step (of 10) Greet and identify the patient
2nd Phlebotomy step (of 10) Explain the procedure
3rd Phlebotomy step (of 10) Assemble equipment
4th Phlebotomy step (of 10) Cleanse the venipuncture site
5th Phlebotomy step (of 10) Anchor the vein
6th Phlebotomy step (of 10) Insert the needle
7th Phlebotomy step (of 10) Collect blood in vac tubes
8th Phlebotomy step (of 10) Remove tourniquet
9th Phlebotomy step (of 10) Dispose of needle
10th Phlebotomy step (of 10) label tubes
What is being detected in a blood culture Septicemia
Anticoagulants are used to prevent blood from clotting
WBC help the body defend against foreign invaders
Platelets help the circulation by carrying oxygen to the tissue
When blood seeps in to the surrounding tissue during venipuncture a ___may form hematoma
In a patient with a clotting disorder, pressure should be applied for_ after puncture to insure stoppage 5 minutes
If blood doesn’t appear in tube upon puncture you__ slightly reposition the needle
Redirection of the needle is necessary when a)vein isn't properly anchored b) patient moves unexpectedly c) flow starts and stops d) all D
Vein may be prone to collapse if (2) a) vac tube is too large for vein b) syringe plunger was pulled back to quickly c) vac tube lost its vacuum d) tourniquet was too tight A
Hemolysis could cause sample rejection for what test Potassium
If patient is prone to syncope to venipuncture, phlebotomist should… watch in case of fainting
A tube of blood arrives in the lab without a label. It must be…. rejected automatically
When is 2 hours post prandial 2 hrs after meals
Knowing when to collect peak and trough levels is important when drawing___- therapeutic drugs
Pre warming is used to___ increase bleeding tendencies
The role of all anticoagulants is to prevent formation of what Fibrin
The anticoagulant EDTA works by inactivating thrombin
If the tourniquet is released before the needle is withdrawn this will result in bleeding from the site
What test sample is light sensitive Bilirubin
The ___ must be followed exactly when drawing patient test that may be used in a legal proceeding Chain of Custody
The anticoagulant SPS is recommended because___ it is completely biodegradable
Before entering into an inpatients room checks requirements on sign
Single most important means of preventing spread of infection hand washing
Created by: Sarsileigh
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