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Venipuncture Test 1

For the fairest

Is it really necessary for an ECG to be performed in a quiet, warm examination room? Yes, so it reduces somatic tremor artifacts due to patient discomfort
What is the function of standardization of the EKG machine To ensure accuracy
Lead V6 is placed where? horizontal level of position 4 at midaxillary line
Augmented leads are recorded when? After bipolar leads
Which is not an electrode recording lead? RL
What converts cardiac arrhythmia into normal sinus rhythm? cardioversion
What is the electrical conduction system of the heart? SA node to Purkinje fibers
Deoxygenated blood enters the heart where? Right atrium
Define electrocardiogram record of the electrical activity of the heart
What part of the limb are electrodes placed and why? fleshy non-muscular part to minimize artifacts
What do you do after the electropad sensors are removed? Assist the patient
What lead records electrical activity between the right arm and leg? Lead II
What procedure is done with the injecting the patient with a radioactive substance? Thallium Stress Test
What happens with ventricular tachycardia? life is threatened
What is an important part of the pt education when preparing a pt to wear a holter monitor? Keep an activity diary
What is not a characteristic of holter monitor electrodes? that there are 6-7
What artifact is caused by electrical interference? AC interference
What artifact is caused by poor quality electrolyte gel? Wandering baseline
IS it important to point power cord away from the pt and not allow the cable to go underneath the table? Why? Yes because it could cause AC artifacts
Why are electrolytes used with ECG? because skin is a poor conductor of electricity
What device placed on the skin that picks up electrical impulses given off by the heart? electrodes
How many leads are recorded? 12
The standardization mark should be how high? 10mm
Describe the electrocardiograph paper heat sensitive
What describes the myocardial cells recovering electrically repolarization
Contraction of the cardiac cells from electrical discharge is described how? depolarization
Cardiac cycle represents what? one heartbeat
Body's pacemaker SA node
What is a treadmill stress test? ECG tracing monitored by doctor
What are leads I II and III? bipolar
Reasons to have an EKG? heart arrhythmia, ischemia, effects of cardiac medications
Not a characteristic of of three- or multi-channel electrocardiogram single lead reading
What is not a cause of somatic tremor artifacts? improper grounding
What happens if the metal tip of a lead wire becomes detached from an electrode? interrupted baseline artifacts
What is not recorded in the holter monitor patient activity diary? name of the nearest relative
ECG reading that is within normal limits normal sinus rhythm
A catheter with a deflated balloon is inserted into which of the arteries during coronary balloon angioplasty? femoral artery
What is the coronary artery bypass? Saphenous vein transplanted to coronary artery
What small devices sends a small dose of electricity to jar the heart back into a normal rhythm? ICD
What is characterized by extremely rapid incomplete contractions? atrial fibrillation
Created by: jenysis