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The male gametes are called... ...sperm
What happens during ovulation? The egg is released from the ovaries into the oviduct
During ejaculation, the man experiences feelings of pleasure called... ...an orgasm
What is the sensitive part above the urethra called? Clitoris
What is the ring of muscle at the lower end of the uterus called? Cervix
How does a sperm move? It lashes its tail from side to side to swim
What does the acrosome do? It contains enzymes that are released during fertilisation to digest a pathway through the jelly coating of the egg cell
Where does fertilisation take place? Oviduct
What is implantation? It is when the embryo embeds into the soft lining of the uterus
What joins the fetus to the placenta? Umbilical cord
How long does a normal pregnancy take? About 9 months
Describe what happens at the beginning of labour. The mother starts to feel small contractions of the uterus wall.
List the 4 things that a pregnant women needs to ensure she gets adequate quantities of and explain why. 1) Calcium - for the growth of the fetus's bones 2) Iron - to let the her body make more red blood cells to carry oxygen for the fetus 3) Carbohydrate - for energy to move her heavy body around 4) Protein - to make new tissues
When is an embryo called a fetus? Once all the organs have formed and the embryo has features that are recogonisably human
What happens after fetilisation? The zygote begins to divide until it is a hollow ball of cells.
How does the egg move from the oviduct to the uterus? Cilia in the oviduct move the egg to the uterus
What is afterbirth? It is when the placenta comes away from the uterus wall, a few minutes after birth
What does passive immunity mean? It is when the new born child is unable to produce antibodies of its own so it has the mother's antibodies in the blood
What does the prostate gland do? It secretes fluids in which the sperm can swim
Sperm cells and the fluid from the prostate gland together make... ...semen
Compare sizes of a sperm cell and an egg cell The egg cell is a 1000x bigger that the sperm cell
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