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LE Arterial Doppler

What are the smallest vessels in the circulatory tree? capillaries
What does a rubor skin color indicated or suggest? Dilated vessels
If an arterial and venous exam are both needing to be done, which should be done first? The venous, we don't want to cause a PE
What is the most common arterial pathology? atherosclerosis
Whcih type of aneursm can be described as a small tear in the intima which allows blood to form a cavity? dissecting
List some limitations of noninvasive lower extremity doppler exams: casts/bandages, room temp, tech dependent, CHF may cause dampened waveforms, unable to discriminate severe stenosis from occlusion
What angle range is ideal when using a 8-10 MHz continous wave probe? 45-60 degree angle to skin
When obtaining segmental pressures, what is the patient positioning? Supine with arms relaxed at sides, legs level of the heart
How much wider should the blood pressure cuff'b bladder be compared to limb diameter? 20%
What ABI range is consistent with the findings of claudication? 0.5 - 0.9
Created by: katraylor