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arch wire curved wire positioned in brackets and held in place by elastomers or ligatures
band preformed stainless steel ring fitted and cemented around tooth
bonding direct and indirect
bracket attachment that's bonded to enamel and used for holding wire arch
elastomer elastoplastic ring/latex elastic used to hold arch wire in brackets
ligature cord, thread, elastic arch stainless steel wire used to secure arch wire to bracket
retainer (Hawley) removeable plastic and wire appliance used to stabilize teeth either during or after orthodontic therapy
cemented bands and bonded brackets advantages improved aesthetics, better access for homecare, proximal caries can be detected, pt. awareness of loose brackets, ease of placement
clinical bonding procedures clean tooth surface, conditioning enamel surface: isolate, dry tooth, apply acid etch, rinse and dry apply bonding agent
disease control interdental areas: dental floss with floss threader, tufted floss, interdental brush, toothpick in holder
what tool is used for debanding pliers
name 5 debonding methods mechanical, electrothermal, Co2, YAG lasers, ultrasonics
debonding remove in 1 piece to avoid aspiration of brackets
what to do after debonding with residual resin adhesive removal exam: pt. reports, visual, tactile removal: tungsten carbide, finishing bur final finish: aluminium oxide, slurry
retention (types of retainers) removeable retainer Hawley, fix retainer, invisalignb/essix
preventative care fluoride prevents demieralization, etched enamel not covered by adhesive, use fluoride because uptake is increased
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