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USIDMS Arterial Doppler Testing

Turbulence will occur in a vessel when the Reynold's number is greater than what? Greater than 2000
A 50% diameter stenosis will correlate to how much of an area stenosis? 75% area stenosis with circumferential plaque
What is the vasa vasorum? Tiny blood vessels that supply artery walls
What is the most common arterial pathology? Atherosclerosis
What is the doppler shift equation? Doppler shift=(2 x reflector speed x incident frequency x cos)/propagation speed
An ankle brachial index of what range indicates claudication? 0.5-0.9
Raynaud's syndrome caused by an obstruction in the arterioles is what type? Secondary Raynaud's
When performing a cold immersion study, waveforms should return to normal after what amount of time? 5 minutes
A TCPO2 reading of 10-15 mmHg will most likely lead to a prognosis of what? Non-healing wounds. May lead to amputation.
What type of non-laminar flow is commonly found in the bulb of a carotid artery? Helical flow
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