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OH3-cleft lip/palate

cleft lip/palate, terms, classifications ect

autograft graft from our own body
cheiloplasty surgical repair of lip
cheilorhinoplasty surgical repair of lip and nose
obturator prosthesis to close cleft of hard palate
orthognathic surgery surgical repositioning of maxilla/mandible
palatoplasty plastic surgery of palate
premaxilla anterior part of maxilla that contains incisors (bilateral cleft lip separates this from maxilla)
prosthesis artificial replacement of an absent part of body
rhinoplasty plastic surgery of nose
speech aid prosthesis assists with palatopharyngeal closure
tracheostomy creation of opening into trachea with tube insertion
velum covering structure (veil)
velum palatinum soft palate
class 1 cleft of tip of uvula
class 2 cleft of uvula (bifid uvula)
class 3 cleft of soft palate
class 4 cleft of soft and hard palate
class 5 cleft of soft and hard palate continues through alveolar ridge on one side of premaxilla (cleft lip, same side)
class 6 cleft of soft and hard palate continues through alveolar ridge on both side of premaxilla (bilateral cleft lip)
class 7 submucous cleft (palate short, uvula bifid, groove at midline of soft palate, closure to phraynx incomplete)
1st trimester fusion failure
4-7th week lip formation
8-12th week palate formation
end of 2nd month cleft lip
end of 3rd month cleft palate
cleft lip statistics 1:900, asians+native americans, Males, 85% unilateral, 15% bilateral
cleft palate statistics 1:250, asians + native american, 30% without lip invovlement
pierre robin's syndrome combo of cleft palate, micrognathia, retropnathia of mandible and glossoptosis= respiratory difficulty
cleft lip treatment surgical union made at ~10wks or ~10lbs
cleft palate treatment close palate occur 18mths or earlier goals: produce anatomic closure, maximize max. growth/development, acheieve normal funct./speech, relieve airway/breathing problems, establish dental aesthetics/functional occlusion
sources of autogenous grafts ribs, iliac crest, fistulae, skull, mandible
why would post surgery arm restraints be nessecary may be required to prevent accidental damage to surgical area
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