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life stages childhood to adulthood

how much does an infants weight increases its first year of life human infant lbs. 3x's within the 1st year
when should the first dental visit occur by 1 yr. old
what percentage does early childhood caries cause 5-10%
what's the leading cause of death between ages 1-14 accidents
what age range does puberty take place 9-17
what hormones lead to the development of sex organs estrogen and androgen
how many times more likely are pregnanent females to have an increase in bacteroides species 55xs, this leads to periodontitis
what are substitutes for napthoquinone progesterone and estrogen
progesterone inhibiting collagenase leads to what pyogenic granulomas
gingivitis occurs in what percentage of pregnant females 30-75%
BRONJ bisphosphonate related osteonecrotic lesions of jaw, if continues more than 8wks
calcium channel blockers and cyclosporine lead to what in the oral cavity gingival hyperplasia
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