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FIN 437 Test 1

What happened to Goldman Sachs in 2008 Converted to a bank holding company
What happened to Bear Stearns in 2008 Acquired by JP Morgan Chase
What happened to Morgan Stanley in 2008 Converted to a bank holding company
What happened to Lehman Brothers in 2008 Allowed to fail
What happened to Merrill Lynch in 2008 Acquired by Bank of America
Which act separated commercial banking, investment banking and insurance into three separate industries? Glass-Steagall Act
Which act limited the activities a company could engage in if it owned a bank Bank Holding Company Act
Which of the following mortgage types were offered to subprime borrowers Interest only, and optional adjustable-rate
The U.S. government took all of the following actions to address the credit crisis in 2008 except: Created the Keep Banks Solvent agency
At the end of 2008, which of the following investment banks remained "independent" Goldman Sachs
In 2008, the US Department of the Treasury supported financial institutions by: Purchasing troubled assets, buying preferred stock in some institutions, issuing guarantees on money market funds, and increasing the deposit insurance limit
Banks with __________ in assets are typically community banks less than $1 billion
An "independent bank" is: not controlled by a multi-bank holding company or any other outside interest
Created by: jms1071