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Ch. 23 Nsg Lead

Quality Control

T or F? Developed quality control criteria should be at minimal levels at the least. False. Nsgs should strive for optimal levels.
What is the name for activities that evaluate, monitor, or regulate services rendered ton consumers? Quality Control
Which of the following is not a step in the quality control process? Criterion or standard determined. Employees punished for mistakes. Information to determine if goals met. Educational action taken if not met. Employees punished for mistakes. The process is to determine the standard, decide if the standard has been met, then take corrective action if not met.
The difference in performance between top performing health care organizations and the national average is called: Quality control, quality gap, Benchmarking, or analysis. Quality gap
The process of measuring products, practices, or services against best-performing organizations: Quality control, quality gap, benchmarking, or analysis. Benchmarking
Using exemplars as role models for standard development and performance improvement is a aspect of: Quality control, quality gap, benchmarking, or analysis? Benchmarking
Help to identify what, how, and why an event happened. Quality control, quality gap, benchmarking, or analysis? Analysis
The end goal for this process is to ensure that a preventable negative outcome does not recur: Quality control, quality gap, benchmarking, or analysis? Analysis
Which audit monitors the structure or setting in which patient care occurs? Process, structure, or outcome? Structure
Which audit measures the process of care or how the care was carried out? Process, structure, or outcome? Process
Which audit determines what results, if any, followed from specific nsg interventions for pts? Process, structure, or outcome? Outcome
T or F? Nurses' contributions to pt outcomes creates accountability for nurses as professionals. True
Created by: Blitzkid22