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Ch. 3 Nsg Lead

Modern Leadership and Management Theories

What sort of leadership involves following influence leaders in both positive and negative ways? Servant leadership
Which leadership suggests that followers may have an informational advantage over the leader. May lead to misalignment of goals. Principal Agent Theory
Which leadership theory represents the capability of the individual. Human Capital Theory
Which leadership theory represents what a group can accomplish together? Social Capital Theory
Which leadership theory refers to the ability to use emotions effectively and is required by leaders in order to enhance success? Emotional Intelligence
Which of the following are components of emotional intelligence? (All that apply) Self-discipline, self-regulation, sympathy, motivation, social skills. 5 components include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills.
Which is a component of emotional intelligence? Self-reliance, assertiveness, self-regulation, charisma. Self-Regulation
Which type of leadership suggests that in order to lead, leaders must be true to themselves and their values and act accordingly. Authentic leadership (congruent)
What is the definition of transparent integrity? Holding one's employees accountable. Standing by one's values under pressure. Following the rules. All of the above. Standing by one's values. Which the pressure to deliver results can be intense, those possessed of transparent integrity refuse to compromise their principles in the process.
Which leadership style refers to one individual convincing another to consider a new idea or view? Thought leadership
Which leadership style attracts followers by risk taking and vision and innovation. Though leadership
Which leadership style suggests that individuals must choose ideas that make a significant difference versus those that have marginal impact? Thought leadership
T or F? Thought leaders attract followers by the promise of representation or empowerment False. Thought leaders attract followers by their risk takinga nd vision in terms of being innovative.
Which style of leadership suggests that the environment and context in which people work is complex and dynamic. And that this has a direct impact on organizational productivity. Quantum Leadership
What are some struggles faced by foreign nurses? Cultural acclimation, professional dissonance, isolation, or all of the above. All of the above. It is important that they receive support during this adjustment period.
Industrial or Relational? Seeking information by working together and seeking information rather wealth. Relational
Industrial or Relational? Traditional hierarchy, skill acquisition, competition, and control Industrial
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