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Ch. 12 Nsg Lead

Organizational Structures

Relationships defined, procedures outlined, equipment ready, and tasks assigned. Formal or Informal? Formal Structure
Unplanned and covert, informal authority and lines of communication. Formal or Informal Structure? Informal
Assigning tasks is part of the: Formal or Informal Structure? Formal Structure
Provides a framework for defining managerial authority, responsibility, and accountability. Formal or Informal structure? Formal Structure
Roles and functions defined and systematically arranged. Formal or Informal structure? Formal Structure
Rank and hierarchy are evident. Formal or informal structure? Formal Structure
Social, with blurred or shifting lines of authority and accountability. Formal or Informal Structure? Informal Structure
Lines of communication exist in every group, even if not acknowledged. True of False? True
Bureaucratic advantage or disadvantage: Clear lines of authority, uses rewards and punishments, faceless decision making, authority and responsibility clearly defined. A, D, D, A
Bureaucratic advantage or disadvantage: Aloofness secondary to specialization, impersonal management, Impersonality of relationships, Technical efficiency. D, D, A, A
Bureaucratic advantage or disadvantage: Lack of flexibility, Clear rules and regulations,establishment of organizational barriers, task specialization and division of labor, Lack of accountability. D, A, D, A, D
Bureaucratic advantage or disadvantage: Competition for advancement for personal gain, predisposed authoritarian leadership style, Promotion based on competence. D, D, A
An institutional method for applying general rules to specific cases, thereby making the actions of management fair and predictable... Weber's idea of Bureaucracy
What is the concept called that asserts that one manage/one boss should be running all facets of organization? One person to answer to. Unity of Command
Why can unity of command be difficulty to maintain? A. It can be difficult to keep track of who one reports to B. The organizational chart can be confusing C. The multidisc nature of health care makes it difficult to maintain. C. Unity of command is a simple system, but overly simplified in a complex field such as healthcare.
This refers to the number of people directly reporting to any one manager and determines the interactions expected of them. Span of Control
Refers to communication of a particular management position. Ad Hoc design, centrality, flat designs, or line structure? Centrality
Decisions are made by a few managers at the top of hierarchy: Ad hoc, centrality, flat designs, or line structures? Centrality
Who has the largest degree of centrality? Information relayed up, down, horizontal, and diagonally. Middle manager
Which level of management are Board of Directors, CEO, and Administrators? Top-level, Mid-Lvl, or 1st-level? Top level
Which level of management are nursing supervisors and department heads? Top level, middle level, first level? Middle Level
Which level of management are team leaders, charge nurses, primary care nurses, and case managers? Top, middle, or first level? First level
Serves as a way for professionals to handle increasing amounts of information. Ad hoc, line structures, centrality, or flat design? Ad hoc
Ad Hoc overcomes the inflexibility of line structure. T or F? True
Uses a project team or task approach and is usually disbanded after a project is completed. centrality, ad hoc, line structure, flat design? Ad hoc
Ad hoc design is incompatible with a formal line structure? T or F? False. Ad hoc design can be used temporarily to facilitate project completion within a formal line organization.
Matrix organizations are designed to focus on product, but not function. T or F? False. Both product and function are focused on.
Matrix organizations can produce confusion and frustration for workers b/c of dual-authroity hierarchical designs. T or F? True
This organization has vertical and horizontal chain of command. Formal, Informal, Matrix, Ad hoc? Matrix
Matrix organizations have: Fewer formal rules, more levels of hierarchy, slower decision making, create organization through authority. Fewer formal rules and slower decision making
This type of organization address shortcomings to bureaucracy, are more care-centered, and usually smaller. Matrix, Ad Hoc, Service Line, Flat. Service Line
This type of organization remover hierarchy, flattened structure, allows for decision making to occur where work is occuring. Matrix, Ad Hoc, Service Line, Flat. Flat Organizational
This type of decision making includes a few managers at the top of the hierarchy that makes most of the decisions. Centralized or decentralized? Centralized.
This type of decision making involves problem solving by the lowest practical managerial level. Centralized or decentralized? Decentralized
A company that directs problems to managers at the top of the hierarchy. Centralized or decentralized? Centralized
Entities that play a role in organization's health and performance, or are affected by that organization. Managers, directors, administrators, stakeholders. Stakeholders
The moral responsibility that accompanies a position. Accountability, Responsibility, or Authority? Accountability
Related to job assignment and must be accompanied by enough authority to accomplish the assigned task. Accountability, Responsibility, or Authority? Responsibility
The official power to act and direct the work of others. Accountability, Responsibility, or Authority? Authority
Culture or climate? Symbols and interactions. Culture
Culture or climate? Values, language, past hx, formal and informal communication, and rituals of organization. Culture
Culture or climate? How individuals perceive the organization Climate
T or F? Perception must be accurate to be considered organizational climate? False. Can be accurate or inaccurate perception.
T or F? Shared governance allows nurses more control over nursing practice? True
Which sort of management is implicated with shared governance, which allows nurses to participate in decision making? Authoritative, participatory, democratic? Participatory.
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