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Fin Article B2 #1

Fed Buys Bonds to Spur Economy

Fed launches new round of bond buying, 9/13 2012 unconventional actions to support the economic recovery
Bernanke addressed 3 main concerns abt FR's monetary policy Fed purchases, low returns and inflation of the economy
Central bank's goal moving in the right direction so we don't stagnate
Fed policy-making committee buying $40B/mo agency mortgage-backed securities on an open-ended basis so it can buy addt'l if the job market doesn't improve
Operation Twist - will continue Bank selling short-term bonds and using the proceeds to but loner-term bonds to bring down long-term rates.
Total purchase - $85B longer term securities also printing more money to fund its mortgage-bond purchases
First incr in short-term rates 2015 this lowered the quarterly growth forecasts for this year.
Purchases are aimed at pushing down long term interest rates especially lowering mortgages rates. They want to push up the values of assets like stocks and homes.
Bond buying programs intended to make borrowing cheaper to spur spending and investment, though economists are skeptical.
Created by: Elisahbeth