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Phonetics Ch. 1-4

What is phonetics? The scientific study of speech sounds, their articulations, substance, and perception in order to understand and improve linguistic expression.
People who study speech sounds are called what? Phoneticians
What are the major branches of phonetics? Experimental, Articulatory, Acoustic, Perceptual, Applied
What are the Applied branches of phonetics? Normative, Clinical, Linguistic (including Descriptive, Comparative, Dialectology, Pragmatic, Transcriptional)
What does IPA stand for? International Phonetic Association
What is the definition of "phone"? Any sound that can be produced by the human vocal tract.
What is a phoneme? When a phone becomes a speech sound in a particular language; Sound with meaning; Part of language.
How do you know if a phone is a phoneme? You must find a pair differing by one sound (a minimal pair) ex. pat mat, rot cot, shop shot
What is an allophone? First part of the word means "other" Definition: variant form of a phoneme; part of the same sound family, but pronounced differently ex. daughter-->it's not daugh-T-er, it's daugh-d-er
What is a morpheme? Small unit of meaning.
The word "unwind" has what type of morphemes? "un" = bound "wind" = free
What is an allomorph? Variant of morpheme; plural, past tense endings, possessives ex. cats cooked cat's
What is it mean to say that speech is dynamic? Sounds influence one another.
The coarticulatory influence one sound can have on another. Assimilation
Sound changed by a following, unchanged sound. Regressive/Backward Assimilation ex. ink congress nine
What happens with Progressive/Forward Assimilation? The first sound, without changing its identity, causes change in a following sound. ex. cubs cups
When adjacent sounds change to become something different. Reciprocal Assimilation
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