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Color ?


What happens when I adjust the transparency of a color? Affects the opacity and whats underneath shows threw.
What is CMYK color space used for? 1. Cyan, Magenta,Yellow, and black. 2. 4 color or full color printing.
Does everyone see color the same way? NO.
Where do I find complementary colors on the color wheel? Across from each other.
What is the color gamut of a device? The range of colors that a device can capture or reproduce.
Why are more men color blind? Men have only X chromosome, making it more likely for them to be.
What are the 3 properties of color? 1. Saturation- Amount of color. 2. Value- Lightness/Darkness. 3. Hue- Actual color.
Who is responsible for the theory of color? Sir Isaac Newton
What does PMS stand for? P.antone M.atching S.ystem
Where do I find analogous colors on the color wheel? Next to each other.
What is the RGB color space used for? Web design,screen design including T.V. and computer screens, scanning, digital photography.
What are the secondary colors? Green, Orange, Purple
What are the 3 primary colors? Red, Yellow, Blue
Where do you find a pixel? On a screen.
Discribe saturation or intensity. A property of color that is the amount of that color.
What are monochromatic colors? Colors of the same hue with different tints and shades.
Define color. Perception of a frequency of light.
What is color management? Calibration and profiling equiptment that enables consistant color between devices.
List two enviormental things that affect how we see color. Light and the surrounding colors of the enviorment.
List 2 psycological factors that affect the colors that we use? Culture, Audience, Character and personality of the client, Designers preferences, Current color trends.
What is a color gamut? A range of colors.
What did the Bauhaus have to do with color? First to teach color principles and use the color wheel for design.
Which color space has a larger color gamut RGB or CMYK? RGB
DO the colors surrounding a color affect our perception of that color? YES
What is a spot color? A single ink color on the press.
Created by: Rob Baker