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Art History 101

The art of history

What does "Late Antiquity" mean? Its just a name for the art in the Late Roman Empire
What is a synagogue? A jewish place of worship
What are catacombs? They are underground passagesways for the dead(cemetaries)
What does "catacombs" mean? In the Hallows
Dura-Europos was in the hands of? Parthians
Who issued the Edict of Milan? Constantine
How many miles are the catacombs? They are 60-90 miles long
How many bodies are estimated to be buried in the catacombs? 4,000,000
What is the most important monument of Early Byzantine art? Hagia Sophia
Were most cubiculums painted? Yes they were painted
What explains why the paintings during the Late Antiquity were so simplistic? Artist were trying to show the message rather then the piece itself
What is the Basilica Church plan? nave(side aisles beside the nave);apse; transept;narthex (vestibule); atrium
what four way can people know what the old St.Peter's Church looked like? 1)Drawings 2)Written Descriptions 3) other churches were inspired by it 4)Archalogical reasons
What is the central church plan? It's cemetric to the alter
What are pendentives? They are the triangular space between the wall and the dome.
What did the Edict of Milan do? It ended the persecution of Christians and it granted freedom to all religious groups
State the three reason why the capital was moved to Constantinopole. Religious reason (closer to the birth place of Jesus), economic reason (close to the seas to be able to trade), and strategic reason (it was harder to attack Constantinopole than Rome)
What is another phrase for the "Luxuray Arts"? The Minor Arts
Was Emperor Thedosius a vicar? Yes he was divinly connected
When did Emperor Theodosius make Christianity the offical reliogion of the Roman Empire? 380
Who made and What is the Code of law? Emperor Justinian;and it was all Roman laws placed together.
Who was Theodora? Justinian's wife
What is Iconoclasm? The actual destruction of Images related to religion.
What is an Icon? A symbol that is bigger than the Image( some people beileved the icon had special powers)
What is the story of Jonah? Jonah disobeyed gods command and in god's wrath he caused a storm, so Jonah asked the sailors of his ship to throw him overboard,then a beast(whale)swallowed him, the whale spat him out after three days and Jonah did what he was command to do.
How is Jonah a prefiguration of Jesus? It relates to Christ resurection
What are Mosaic's? Patters or pictures made by embedding small pieces(tesserae)of the stone or glass in cement on surfaces such as walls and floors.
Who is Maximianus? A bishop who supervised the contruction of the San Vitale
What part of the church was the atrium? outdoor courtyard
What is the Fuction of Mosaic's? They are for Aethsitic decorations, to teach beilevers, and to advertise the new faith
What is a illuminated manuscript? A luxurious handmade book with painted illustrations and decoration.
When was pagan worship banned? 391
When was the Era of Iconoclasm? 726-843
What was Justian able to do in his rain? He restored 30 churches, stopped rebelions, made the Code of Civil Law, and took over Ravania.
How did mosica evole over time? They were more detaled, better design w/ color then the images were outlined in led
Who is standing between two angels in the Apse Vault? Christ
Created by: Taylor_Cheyenne2