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Assesment - Trama

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

1. verbilize B.S.I.   gloves ,mask, etc.  
2. determine the scene/ situation is safe   scene safe  
3. determine MOI/NOI   what is MOI/NOI  
4. request additional EMS if neccessary   get extra help  
5. concider stabilizeation of spine   based on MOI ask for c-spine to be held  
6. determine responsiveness/ level of consciousness   A-alert V-verbal P-pain U-unresponsive  
7. derermine chief complaint/apparentlife threats   what is primary complaint are there any life threating injuries  
8. Airway   open and assess airway-do i need to suction insert adjunct- any gaging  
9. Breathing   assesses beathing-look listen and feel assures adequate ventilation- initiates appropiate oxygen therapy manage any breathing injury that compramises breathing  
10. Circulation   check pulse assess skin(color,temp, condition) assess for and control major bleeding initiates shock managment(position, body heat  
11. identifies patient properties   treatment / transport decision  
12. history taking   attemt to get S A M P L E history  
13. Secondary assessment Head   inspect Mouth, nose, facial area, inspect scalp and ears assesses eyes  
14. Secondary assessment Neck   checks position of the Trachea checks jugular viens Palpates cervical spine  
15. Secondary assessment Chest   Inspects chest palpates chest auscultates chest  
16. Secondary assessment Abdomen/ pelvis   inspect and palpates abdomine assesses pelvis verbalizes assessment of genitals  
17. secondary assessment lower extrimities   inspects , palpates moter sensory distal pulses  
18. secondary assessment upper extrimities   inspects , palpates moter sensory distal pulses  
19. secondary assessment posterior thorax, lumbar and buttocks   inspects , palpates posterior thorax inspects and palpates lumbar and buttocks  
20. sample history   attempt to get sample history  
21. obtain baseline vitals   includes BP, Pulse, Resperations  
22. manages secondary injuries and wounds   splints bandages etc.  
23. reassessment   explaine how and when to reassess patient  


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