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Chapter 7-1 to 7-3

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

The microscope was invented by..   van Leeuwenhoek  
_________ observed cell in cork.   Robert Hooke  
Robert Hooke named the things he saw under the microscope ___   cells  
Mattthais Scieiden concluded that ______ have cells   plants  
What are the three main ideas of the cell theory?   1. All living things are composed of cells 2.Cell is the basic unit of organization of an organism 3.All cells come from preexisting cells  
A ____ microscope has one lens.   simple  
The ______ microscope use more than one lens   compound  
Prokaryotes are cells without a ____   nucleus  
Eukaryotes are cells witch contain many different ____   organelles  
The plasma membrane maintains __________   homeostatis  
The ________is the boundary between the cell and the environment   plasma membrane  
Selective permeability   Allows some into the cell while keeping out others  
The ________ surrounds the cell   plasma membrane  
This is rigid and provides support for plant cells   cell wall  
This is called the leader of the cell   nucleus  
The ________ gives directions for making proteins   nucleus  
Inside the nucleus is the ____ which helps produce chromosomes   nucleolus  
The fluid inside the cell is the __   cytoplasm,  
The _______ is like the highway of the cell. It manufactures and delivers different proteins to different parts of the cell   endoplasmic reticulum  
The post office of the cell sorts and packages proteins. It is the ____   Golgi Apparatus  
A sac surrounded by a membrane and temporary houses food, water and wastes is called a __   vacuole  
Plants have one or two ____ vacuoles while animal cell have many ____ ones   large small  
Digestive enzymes are found in ________   lysosomens  
The garbage collectors of the cell are the _____   lysosomes  
What two organelles are found in plants, but not in animals?   1. cell wall 2. Chloroplasts  
What is needed for all cellular processes to happen?   energy is needed  
What organelle helps capture light energy and convert it to food?   chloroplasts  
_______ gives plants their green color   chlorophyll  
The power house of the cell is the ____   mitochondria  
The cell shape is formed by the ____   cytoskeleton  
Two structures that help movement and feeding are the ___ and ___   cilia and flagella  
____ are short hair like projections that move in a wavelike manor   cilia  
____ are long projections and move in a whip like motion   flagella  
The structures that are contained in a cell are called ___   organelles  


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Created by: jaguilar