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Amharic verbs

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

meudreus   to arrive  
deurswal   it arrived  
meuTeuyeuK   to ask  
teuyiKo   ask him  
meugzat   to buy  
geuzow   i bought  
meumTat   to come  
meuTan   we came  
madreug   to do  
tadeurgalleuch   she's doing  
meuTeuTat   to drink  
yiTeuTallu   they're drinking  
meusTeut   to give  
siTeuny   give me  
meuhed   to go  
anhedim   it isn't going  
maweuK   to know  
alawiKim   I don't know  
meumar   to learn  
yimaral   he's learning  
meuwdeud   to like  
yiweudallu   do you like? (pol)  
meunar   to live (somewhere)  
tinoralleuh   you live ...  
mafKeur   to love  
yafeuKratal   he loves her  
meusrat   to make  
meugeunanyeut   to meet  
inigeunany   let's meet  
meukfeul   to pay  
keufilwal   he paid  
manbeub   to read  
meumeulleus   to return  
meuKoyeut   to stay  
iKoyallo   I'm staying  
mayeut   to see  
aiyeuh   you see  
meunnageur   to speak  
teunageurku   I speak  
meuSaf   to write  
yiSafu   you write (pol)  
alleuny   I have  
alleuh   you have (m)  
alleush   you have (f)  
allot   you have (pol)  
allo   he/it has  
allat   she/it has  
allachu   you (pl) have  
alleun   we have  
allacho   they have  
neuny   I am  
neuh   you are (m)  
neush   you are (f)  
not   you are (pol)  
no   he/ it is  
neuch   she / it is  
nachu   you (pl) are  
neun   we are  
nacho   they are  
alleubiny   I must  
alleubih   you must (m)  
alleubish   you must (f)  
alleubiwot   you must (pol)  
alleubeut   he / it must  
alleubat   she / it must  
alleubachu   you (pl) must  
alleubin   we must  
alleubacho   they must  
ichilalallo   I can  
tichilalleuh   you can (m)  
tichiyalleush   you can (f)  
yeechilallu   you can (pol)  
yeechilal   he/ it can  
tichilalleuch   she /it can  
tichilallachu   you (pl) can  
inchilalleun   we can  
yeechilallu   they can  
ifeulligallo   I want  
tifeulligalleuh   you want (m)  
tifeulligeeyalleush   you want (f)  
yeefeulligallu   you want (pol)  
yeefeulligal   he /it wants  
tifeulligalleuch   she /it wants  
tifeulligallachu   you (pl) want  
infeulligalleun   we want  
ieefeulligallu   they want  
min   What?  
mindin   what?  
meuche   When?  
Man   who?  
yeut   Where?  
leumin   Why?  
leumindin   Why?  
sint?   How much?  
min tareugalleuh?   What are you doing?  
man no?   Who is it?  
sint gize yeeweudsdal   how much time will it take?  


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