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SavageKiller Kills at Social

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Immagrant   A person who moves to a new country  
Imperialism   A country who extends its control over countries often for economic or military means.  
Pemmican   Dry, shredded buffalo meat mixed with fat and berries.  
Superpower   A country that is more powerful than most other countries.  
Assimilation   A process by which culture or individual is absorbed into more dominant cultures because of its overwhelming influence.  
Bilingual   Fluent in two languages.  
Discrimination   Unfair treatment of a person or group based on their skin colour, gender, or religion, sex or culture.  
Acadian   A francophone citizen of Acadia.  
Northwest Mountain Police   The very first police force formed to enforce laws, rules, or any acts from the Government.  
Monopoly   When only one company or group is allowed to sell or trade a product in a certain area.  
Mercantilism   An economic system that allowed an Imperial country to become rich by selling the resources taken from its colonies.  
Colony   A territory controlled by another country.  
Deadlock   A situation where no progress can be made.  
Free Trade   Tax-Free trade between countries. No Tarrifs  
Treason   Going against the Queen, King or Government  


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