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How does the water quality affect the ecology of a community?

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

microbes   An organism that can be seen only with a microscope.  
algae   Organisms that live in water. Some can be as small as one cell. Some are made of many cells. Algae made of many cells may be called “seaweed”.  
concentration   The amount of a substance mixed with another substance.  
pH   A measure of how acidic a substance is.  
acid   A solution with a pH less than 7.  
pH indicator   A chemical that can be added to a solution to determine pH.  
pH scale   A scale used by scientists to measure the acidity of a solution.  
neutral   A solution with a pH of 7.  
basicity   A term used to describe non-acid substances.  
base   A solution with a pH greater than 7.  
aquatic organisms   Organisms that live in water.  
turbulence   The violent disruption, agitation, or stirring up of something (in this case, water).  
thermal pollution   A change in temperature in a natural body of water.  
turbidity   This is how cloudy, murky, or opaque something is.  


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Created by: Hushekclan