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Gr10 biology 2nd Qtr

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What are autotrophs?    
What are Heterotrophs?    
How is energy released from ATP?    
What are the components of an ATP molecule?    
Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and CO2 into ____________.    
In the overall equation 6 molecules of CO2 results in 6 molecules of ___________________.    
What are light absorbing molecules called?    
Why to plants appear to be green ?    
Where do the light dependent reactions take place take place in photosynthesis ?    
What thing affect the rate of photosynthesis / There are three main ones.    
What is the correct equation for cellular respiration ?    
Cellular respiration breaks down _______________.    
Which process takes place within the cytoplasm of the cell ?    
What is the net gain of ATP during glycolysis ?    
What is the starting molecule for glycolysis ?    
What is the name for the electron carrier in cellular respiration ?    
What are the two main types of fermentation ? ______________________and __________________.    
What happens in lactic acid fermentation ?    
When oxygen is present what is glycolysis followed by ?    
What substances pass high energy electrons into the electron transport chain ? ____________________.    
What do the pairs of high energy electrons provide energy for ? (What do they do ? )    
What is oxygen debt ?    
What are the problems with cell growth ?    
What is cell division ?    
After cell division describe the daughter cells.    
When do the chromosomes become visible during the cell cycle?    
What are G 1, G 2, and M phase ?    
When is the DNA replicated in the phases ?    
Determine from the figure found in your textbook and copied on the exam when cell division occurs ?    
Define the cell cycle.    
What is the centromere ?    
What are sister chromatids ?    
What is the first phase of mitosis ?    
When do the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell ?    
What is the role of spindle (fibers )_________________.    
Name the two main stages of cell division ________________ and ________________.    
If a parent cell has 4 chromosomes how many will each daughter cell have ?    
Why do cells stop working once they have covered the bottom of the petri dish ?    
What substances regulate the cell cycle ?    
What is a tumor?    
What are genes ?    
What is the "principle of dominance" ?    
A tall plant is crossed with a short plant. The tall F1 plants self pollinate. What is the result ?    
If you are homozygous what does this mean ?    
If you cross TT x Tt what is the result of the cross ?    
What is independent assortment ?    
You have a genotype of RrYY. How many combinations of alleles would you get ?    
When one allele of a gene is not completely dominant over another allele for that same gene this is called ____________.    
BB x WW produces BBWW. Black with whites in speckled. What type of inheritance is this called ?    
What is the difference between polygenic traits and multiple alleles ?    


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Created by: squints0609