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USIDMS Mesenteric Doppler

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

When does abdominal pain (associated with mesenteric ischemia) occur?   After eating  
Which vessels does the "seagull sign" represent?   Celiac axis, hepatic artery, and splenic artery  
In the presence of celiac artery stenosis, flow can be diverted through what vessel?   Gastoduodenal artery  
Why is diagnosis of chronic mesenteric ischemia difficult?   Symptoms are rare and non-specific. Pt is often worked up for other potential problems such as gallbladder, malignancy, ulcers, etc. first.  
Lack of blood flow to the abdominal viscera   Mesenteric ischemia  
After eating   Postprandial  
What type of Doppler flow should be seen in the celiac, splenic, and hepatic arteries?   Low resistance  
When the pt is NPO, the SMA typically demonstrates what type of flow?   High resistance  
List the main branches of the abdominal aorta   Celic axis, SMA, renal arteries, IMA  
What is the most common anomaly seen in the mesenteric system?   Replaced right hepatic artery originating from the SMA  


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Created by: Stephtier