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Romanian Adjectives 07 - Size and Shape

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

mare   big, great, large  
colosal   colossal  
gigantic   gigantic  
obez   fat, obese  
uriaș   huge  
imens   immense  
mic   little, small  
masiv   massive  
miniatură   miniature  
minion   petite  
firav   puny  
sfrijit   scrawny  
scurt   short  
înalt   tall  
miniscul   tiny, miniscule  
larg   broad, wide  
dolofan   chubby  
curb   curved  
adânc   deep  
plat   flat  
ridicat   high, raised, erect  
scăzut   low  
îngust   narrow  
rotund   round  
puțin adâncă   shallow  
slab   skinny, faint  
pătrat   square  
abrupt   steep, precipitous, abrupt  
drept   straight  
subțire   thin, slim, slender  
triunghiular   triangular  
dreptunghiular   rectangular  
oblong   oblong  
alungit   elongated  
oval   oval  


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Created by: matteber